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All poems written & published by

Justice Stewart "Kween Regine".

From the first published book of poetry "Kairos".

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& If I Die Before I Wake 

I pray my ancestors greet me,

pray my spirit feels right at home

& that my soul can roam freely

pray I’m surrounded by their love

& pray I’ve carried on their legacy

pray it continues on through my additions to our family tree


I pray I’ve left this life having completed what was           meant for me

& left no stone unturned while on the journey to my destiny

Most of all, I pray that the universe saw fit for me

to leave behind my love, my words, & remnants of my energy

in every single soul I’ve met

& every single soul I’ve touched

I pray I’m granted all these things

I pray that I’m not asking much


So, if my eyes close for the final time

& every breath has ceased

if my heart finally stops beating

& my spirit is released

& if life exists no longer

in this vessel that I’ve leased,

I pray for all of the above

& above all, pray I’ve found peace.


Most times,

you have to lose

the very thing you're in search of

before you're able

to find it.

For Real 

I love myself in real life. 

I'm healing wounds in real time. 

Look at the way the stars align, 

I'm really on my real grind.

No need to hide my confidence. 

Yes, I'm aware I'm real fine.

I'm really not concerned with 

any business that is not mine.

& I have a real light

inside me

& it shines through

I really hope my words

inspire you

to be the real you. 

I really live in my truth 

and some days, it gets real hard

to look into the mirror and 

acknowledge I have real flaws.

Acknowledge that I really can't go back in time,

what's really meant to be, will be, 

whatever's really on my mind

will manifest outside of me. 

So now I'm real intentional 

and real protective of my peace,

I've really gotten better at

deciphering others energy.

This is who I really am.

I'm really where I'm supposed to be.

and even if I really had the choice,

I would change a thing.


Indescribable veneration for every generation

of men and of women 

that came before me.

And so, I come before you now

to first apologize

for not feeling more ashamed

that in paying reverence to you, we can't call you out by name, 

for our failure to keep the memory of you present though you've passed, 

for not honoring your spirits so our connection to you lasts. 

But you have not been forgotten.

I know you've been trying to reach me

through the skies,

through time, 

through numbers, 

through intuition, 

through this pen, this paper, this ink,

this gift

that was already picked out for me before 

anyone ever conceived the conception of my spirit.

I must've come from a long line of orators,

I must've been hand-selected to be the narrator

of our story

from this point forward.

our story

which began with you

& will not end with me

because I will carry it forward.

I will push our family forward.

However, I must first go back

I must first

find my way back

to you;

find my way back

to the source

of me.

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